Curtains are the part and parcel of any home. Nowadays a new version of the curtains has become popular all over the world i.e. Blackout Curtains. Blackout curtain has become a trendy option for interior designing for your rooms. These are basically opaque in texture. Blackout curtains block unwanted light. Blackout curtains in Dubai have become a popular demand among the masses. You will find blackout curtains mostly in hotel rooms. But the trend is changing. People are using the blackout curtain in their home. They enhance the beauty of your rooms and allow you to control the amount of light needed in that room. White blackout curtains can be used as well. White blackout curtains block the light but at the same time do not makes the room dull. It assists in relaxation. They are true, without a doubt classy and elegant. They provide a class apart attractive look of your rooms.

Types of blackout curtains:

There are different types of blackout curtains available depending on their fabric and style. Blackout curtains in UAE come in much variety. Following are some options you can choose from:

  1. Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain:

As the name suggests, these blackout curtains help in insulating the room. They block the light and prevent UV rays. It maintains an ideal temperature in both seasons i.e. summers and winters. It provides a great sense of comfort to the users. This type of blackout curtain is available in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Thermal Blackout Room Darkening Curtain:

These blackout curtains make the room more relaxing. They come in various designs to assist the consumer to use it in multiple ways. It also prevents the light rays. Blackout curtain Dubai is available in many colors. It is the best pick for those who love to relax in the dark.

  1. Ultimate Liner:

These are another innovative design of blackout curtains in Dubai. It acts as an insulator for both light and noise. They are compatible with other styles of curtains as well. The installation is easy. Blackout curtain is available in many lengths and colors.

  1. White blackout curtains:

White blackout curtains are for those who love to have an ideal brightness in their room. They provide insulation. The white color keeps your room lively. It does not make the room all dull by blocking out the light.

Designs and Fabric:                    

Blackout curtains are available in various designs and fabrics. Blackout curtain in UAE offers the best designs for your room and hotels. A new design has entered the market. You can draw cityscapes by making holes in the blackout curtains. It allows a little light to enter the room and gives a unique aesthetic look to your room. You can even get these designs on blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi as well. You can also make it at home as a fun activity. You can have your curtains in different colors and prints. These blackout curtains are available in multiple lengths to cater your every need. They come with a various number of panels. Blackout curtain in Dubai come with multiple hanging pins. You can use Voile, Ticking, Damask or Chintz for your blackout curtain.

Blackout curtains Diy:

Curtains have become trendy day by day. New styles and designs are available in the market. But, if you are looking for something creative and personal try Blackout curtains DIY. Diy blackout curtains in UAE are a new edition to the curtain designs. You can have your own design, color, texture etc. It is affordable. You can also adopt it as a hobby. It establishes an emotional connection between you and your room.

Advantages of  Blackout Curtains:

If you are looking for new curtains, then consider blackout curtains for once. They are the best pick for any requirement. But, first, you must know the benefits of  blackout curtain:

  • Attractive outlook:

It gives a classy look to your bedrooms or living rooms. They provide an atmosphere of comfort and calmness. The designs improve the walls of the colors and make them look more unique.

  • Control the light:

The blackout curtains allow you to control the amount of light you need in your space. The curtains totally block out the unwanted light. It also stops the harmful UV radiations to enter the room. By controlling the light, it maintains the temperature of the room. These are best for kids’ room and for older people. They do require little light and minimum at night. These curtains provide you with an environment for the perfect peaceful sleep.

  • Thermal insulation:

White blackout curtains absorb and blocks the heat waves and keep the room or living area cool. In winters, they insulate the room from the winds.

  • Noise control:

Blackout curtain is soundproof in nature. They control the amount of sound needed to be in the room. It blocks the unwanted sounds.

  • Privacy:

These curtains also provide a sense of privacy in your bedrooms. For those who love to stay low-key and love darkness needs blackout curtains Dubai.

  • Best choice for movie nights:

If you are a movie lover and watch movies frequently, then you need to have blackout curtains in your home. They provide the best environment for your movie nights with your family and friends.

  • Reduce energy costs:

By maintaining the temperature of rooms in both seasons, it can reduce your energy costs by 20-25%.

  • Ambiance:

The use of blackout curtains in hotels or restaurants enhance the ambiance of the place. It provides a serene environment to enjoy your food and spend time with your loved ones.

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